22 June 2012


We have just returned from a few days camping, we had a wonderful, but tiring time. We joined some of our home ed friends to celebrate midsummer. We had our celebrations a day early as most of us had commitments on Thursday and had to go home.

We met at this wonderful campsite and the weather was fantastic. The sun was shining when we arrived on Tuesday and continued to shine until we went to bed the next day. Thursday was a different story cold and wet, it was interesting trying to load the car between the showers. Waterproof jacket and trousers with wellies ensured I stayed dry on the inside.

On Wednesday morning a musician joined us for some music making in the woods.  In the afternoon we had afternoon tea altogether, scones with cream and strawberries, Victoria sponge and flapjacks. We blessed the food before we ate it. We wore woven headdresses and we made streamers which we all danced in a circle with. At sunset we made a fire, we cooked on it and threw lavender in to it.  It was a calming and beautiful evening.  As sunset is so late, we were very late to bed.

During the whole period the children, and there were many of them, played and played and played together.  I hardly saw my eldest, he was off exploring and having adventures, returning occasionally for food or drink to the tent.  It was wonderful to watch the games they were playing together (when they were close enough to the tent to see them!), each time a different child leading but all of them making up the rules.

It was lovely to come together with friends to celebrate this special time of year.  We came home tired and happy, it is still raining and set to do so for a few more days, but we have memories of our time in the sun.

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