22 May 2012

We have been mainly............

outside this week, the weather was dry and cool with the odd moment of brightness.

We started the week with our usual trip into town, for shopping and the library.  We found a great book about worms, Yucky Worms beautifully illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg, whose parents have written many wonderful books, Peepo, Each Peach Pear Plum and The Jolly Postman to name but a few.  My youngest walked up the village to drop her brother off at Beavers in the evening, it is over a mile there and back and she did not asked to be carried, she went to bed much earlier than usual.

We had our regular play date the next day.  We took lunch with us this time.  Many games were played and the trampoline bounced on, we returned home tired and happy.

The next day dawned bright, as forecast, we had decided to meet friends at a local open farm.  We had a great day out.  The farmer introduced as to all his livestock, some of which we could handle and feed, and told us a bit about the breeds.  We had a picnic lunch and play followed by a walk alongside a river.  It was the perfect river for throwing stones in, the banks was a awash with them all perfectly round.

We visited our friends further south on Thursday.  We joined them for lunch and a short play before visiting a museum in the town.  It was larger than I was expecting and full of information.  The children really want to run around though, not the best environment for that activity!

On Friday we had a family day, we had hoped to go canoeing but it was cold, wet and windy.  We opted to stay at home and enjoy each other's company before daddy goes away again.  We play games, lego and watched a DVD together.

Over the weekend we visited a garden centre to get some much needed tools that have given up the ghost or fallen apart, said our goodbyes to daddy and did our monthly wood walk.  It was a warm sunny day perfect for a walk in the woods.  The wild flowers are now starting to come out in abundance and we enjoyed identifying them in our new flower book.  We watched a woodpecker come and go from his nest in the trunk of a tree.  We also tried out our new Kelly Kettle to boil water for tea and hot chocolate, the children thought it was great fun, I think it will have many outings in the future especially if we have a cool summer.  I hope you had a fun week too.

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