14 May 2012

We have been mainly...............

out of sync and out and about this week, with the week starting with a bank holiday I was thrown out of rhythm for a few days.

So the week started with a bank holiday, which meant that we stayed at home.  It poured with rain all day..  We stayed at home and played.  There were cars everywhere at one point, not sure what the game was but you couldn't sit on the sofas (unless you like to sit on metal cars) the floor was like a hazard zone for those of us with bigger feet and the windowsills were covered too.  Getting to the fridge (in the dining room) from the kitchen was a interesting journey too, how I did not slide on a car I don't know!

As the shops we use and library were shut on bank holiday we had our weekly trip into town on a different day.  We had to compete for space in library with a toddler sing a long, getting to the books was interesting amongst all the prams.  We had a quick lunch at home before getting a lift into another town for a play at a soft play place.  Our play date had been moved for the day as they were having work done on the house.  Much fun was had by all and after our session was over we all moved to an outside park for another hour of running around.  My two both feel asleep in the car on the way home, so a late night it was!

We had arranged to meet another family at a local bird of prey centre the next day and were hoping the weather forecast was accurate.  Luckily for us it was better than forecast, it was a beautiful, warm sunny day.  We had a lovely morning in an old walled garden looking at the birds, eating a picnic, running around and a great game of hide and seek there were so many good hiding places.  We watched a flying display with a very interesting talk before heading home.  We have never visited the centre, despite living in the area for over 10 years, we will definitely go back when they are flying different birds.

The following day we went for a day out as a family.  We used the train and tram to go to an excellent museum on a subject that my eldest is investigating at the moment World War One and Two.  It was a long day out for us all but a really good museum.

We had friends to play at our house on Friday.  The day flew past and we were sad to say goodbye.  The two littlies were starting to play together, as they are beginning to get used to each other now.  They have only known each other about 6 weeks and a week is long time when you are 3.  After they had left some new sleeping bags arrived for me any my husband.  Our old ones were getting rather thin and on our recent expedition we were both really cold at night, unlike the children in the their new thick bags.  We got the old one's out to compare them and the children started to play with them.  In the end they had built a den underneath the bed my husband is building for our youngest and slept the night in there.  It was the first time in years that we have not had a child sleeping in the room with us, it was very strange.

Over the weekend we visited the local farmers market, played, ran lots of errands, played, had friends over for dinner, played, listened to lots of music (and danced to it) and played in the den.  We also said goodbye to Daddy again who is away for a short trip this week.

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