16 May 2012


I feel like a porter these days every time we go out of the house.  It is worst when we go out for the day.  In the winter, where I live, at least you know it is going to be cold and often wet, so you take clothing suitable for that weather.  At the moment we seem to be having four seasons a day, the result, clothes for four seasons.

Today we left the house to go out, it was warm, really warm we were all wearing short sleeved t-shirts for the first time in weeks.  I had this feeling that the warmth would not last, as it does not seem to at the moment.  So I packed a bag of waterproof coats and trousers, a bag of thick coats, a bag of jumpers and body warmers/gillets, a bag of wellies, my bag with change of clothes, wallet etc and we were out for the day so we had a picnic bag.  I need a cart to lug it all to the car, no that would not work there are two many steps, maybe I could keep a donkey.  When I get home I lug it all back into the house where it sits taking up most of the hall, there is no point unpacking all of it as we are off out again tomorrow.  I could leave it in the car, but I have done that before and then one day when we were due to go out it was pouring with rain.  Did the warmth last today?  No, it was really cold when we got to where we were going so I was glad of my lugging and loading

Anyone else feel like they are constantly packing and unpacking, loading and unloading stuff for a day out?

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