13 May 2012


I had a situation today which pulled my heart in two opposite directions.  I had dashed out of the house to get the washing in as it was just starting to rain.  As I ran out I shouted to my children to let them know where I was going.  I guess my youngest did not hear me and as you cannot see the washing line from the downstairs of my house she could not find or see me.  As I was getting the last few bits of the line I heard the back door shutting and a distraught 'Mama'.  I grabbed the washing basket calling 'I'm coming' as I got to where you could see the back door I was greeted with a wonderful, but sad, sight.  Clearly upset, my youngest was standing in wellies (on the wrong feet), with a pair of sunglasses on (weather overcast and wet) and was carrying a small bag in one hand!  Trying hard not to laugh and smile I hugged and comforted.  Oh the spontaneity of a child, within minutes the laundry basket (now empty) had become a boat for her teddy bear.

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