26 May 2012


Today we celebrated my youngest's third birthday. The day dawned hot and sunny just like she day she was born.

 I had made her a Waldorf style doll as a present, a project which has taken over two months. I didn't think I would finish it in time as I could only work on it after she had gone to bed which is not that early some nights. When I came to wrap it up last night it felt like I was parting with something of my own it was really strange. I also found that I did not have a piece of wrapping paper big enough so I found a piece of material and a length of ribbon and used that instead. Her face when she opened it this morning was wonderful to see. I will post a picture and how I made it another day.

We had her two little friends join us for lunch with their older brothers who played with her older brother. We had a picnic in the sun, played, talked and had a lovely time. At 2.30pm the time if her birth she spontaneously climbed into my lap and had a nurse, it made me feel incredibly close to her and as I sat with her in my arms I could picture the moment when I first set eyes on her three years ago. I waited as long as possible to do the cake as I wanted daddy to join us on Skype when he had finished work, which he was able to do.

When our friends had left we skyped Granma and Grandad and had a chat with them, we completed a birthday jigsaw and played with her new gruffalo dominoes. After tidying up all the toys and food we headed off to a friends house for tea. We had a lovely evening eating in their garden with wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, the sunset was amazing. It was a perfect end to the day.

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