25 April 2012

We have been mainly.........

changing plans this week and still ended up having a great, busy week.

We started the week with our usual visit into town for shopping and the library.  We found some great books and a storysack to take home.  One of the these, I see the Moon by Jacqueline Mitton, is a storybook which introduces the phases of the moon, the illustrations are simple and colourful, a great read.

We usually follow our shopping day with three days of play dates.  We were looking forward to these as we have been on holiday.  Sadly two of these weren't to be this week so we had to change our plans.

We had one day at home quietly together, I should have been tidying away all the holiday stuff but somehow there was always something else to do!  The following day we visited a second hand bookshop in a nearby town.  A great shop but too easy to spend lots of money, which we did, we found lots of good books.  Now I need to find space for them on the shelves.

We joined a home-ed group for a fire station visit towards the end of the week.  This was due to be followed by a picnic but as it was raining (a common theme this week) we ended up at friends house for a play and our picnic.  This extended to staying for tea much to the delight of the children.

The weekend dawned dry so I decided to chance it and do our monthly walk in a local wood (it was the only day we could fit it in this month we usually go during the week).  When we arrived at the car park the rain was coming down by the bucket load, hmmm.  When it eased we jumped out and put on our coats and it stopped, hurrah.  The walk was fantastic, the rain stayed away, and the sun shone towards the end, still cold though.  We got chased by cows, saw badger poo, identified some wild flowers, hairy violet, slender speedwell and cuckoo flower were just a few, my eldest thought the names were great. Made hot chocolate by the river where we watched a fish jumping, saw a grey wagtail, a dipper feeding it's young and a new one to us, a common sandpiper.  We heard a woodpecker and smelt the wild garlic, all in all a wonderful walk.

The last day of the week, dawned (you've guessed it) wet.  We made and packed a picnic which took all morning, I felt like I was wading through treacle and went off to meet some friends for a train ride.  Dodging the rain drops we ran to the train and sat and ate our picnic on the train whilst it went back and forth.  On the way home we popped into a small train museum which was about to close but looked interesting so will go back for a proper visit one day.  We stopped for a cuppa at our friend's house before heading home for tea and a rest after a busy week.

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