02 April 2012

We have been mainly........

out and about this week.  After a quiet week at home last week, we have gone to the other extreme this week, out every day of the week!

We started the week with our usual trip into town, this time without a break in shopping to visit the library.  It felt strange not to arrive home and spend time looking at new books.  The library was closed for refurbishment we will wait to see next week what has changed.

We had three play dates arranged for the week.  The first our long standing arrangement on Tuesday, the weather was really warm and much fun was had outside on the trampoline and wading in a local river.  On Wednesday we met a family for a picnic in the sunshine followed by a short walk along an old railway line nearby.  The flowers are now starting to emerge making the edges of the line a colourful tableau.

On Thursday we had a long day out.  We had to get up early which was not as hard as I was expecting.  Sometimes trying to get out of the house at a particular time is like swimming against the tide.  We had a train to catch, so could not be late.  After the train we caught a bus and arrived at our destination, a science museum.  For the next four hours we immersed ourselves in the world of science and industry.  Looking at and interacting with exhibits on gas, electricity, water, sewerage, recycling, aeroplanes, cars, working engines and locomotives.   We then did the same journey in reverse, a bus journey to the train station, a long walk across the station to our platform.  We were a bit early so sat in the waiting room and had a bite to eat, we had our backs to the platform I was rather shocked when we left the room to get on our train to find that the platform was chock full of people!  Luckily for us the train was going to two places and we needed to be on the fairly empty back part.  We arrived home very tired but all agreed it was a good day out.

On Friday we visited new friends at their house in a nearby city.  The children had fun playing inside and out, although the weather is starting to cool now and coats had to put on!

Over the weekend we went to a birthday party and

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