29 April 2012


My husband returned home to us today after working away for two weeks, whilst this is not very long for me, for the children it goes on forever.  The last few days have been the hardest for them. 

This morning when we woke up they knew that daddy would be home very soon.  They got dressed and ate their breakfast in record time and then waited at the window at the front of the house for the car to return him.  They (thankfully) did not have long to wait.  I was upstairs sorting washing when I heard the whoops of delight, he's here, he's here, daddy's home.  They ran to the door and nearly knocked him over.  The smiles on their faces and the emotion oozing from their bodies bought tears to my eyes as I watched them from the top of the stairs.

They have spend every minute of the rest of the day at his side.  They showed him all the things that we have been doing over the last two weeks.  We will have a period of a few days of adjustment now as we all get used to being a complete family again, but it is so good to have him safe at home with us again.

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