15 April 2012


I have spent the last week completely outside.  My only aural stimulation has been other people with me and the wonderful sounds of nature.  It wasn't until travelling home in the car that I realised how calming this is.  During the five hour journey the radio, CD or ipod were playing continuously.  At one point my youngest started to protest that the music was too loud, even when turned down really quietly.  I reflected on what she was actually trying to say and realised that the music was too much and I too wanted it to be turned off.  My ears were hurting with the stimulation and needed a rest.

 In our house the radio used to be on all day, it would be turned on when we came down for breakfast and turned off only to watch a DVD, listen to music, going out the house or going to bed.  Most of the time it was only really background noise that I would tune in or out too most of the time.  I have now been experimenting since being back at home.   I am only turning the radio on when there is a programme that I actually want to listen to, when it has finished I turn it off.  If I am doing something that requires my total concentration such as reading to myself or the children I am no longer distracted by sound bites coming from the radio.  My ears feel rested.  I hope the calmness continues....

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