26 March 2012

We have been mainly............

staying at home this week.  My youngest was unwell at the beginning of the week so we made a week of it home to allow recuperation to happen.  We did have visitors to the house to play for a short while on two of the days.  This broke up the the week a bit, and ensured that we were not suffering with cabin fever by the end of the week.

It was the Spring Equinox this week we marked this on Thursday, which wasn't quite the right day but it was the first day we all felt up to it.  We had a special breakfast to start the day with pancakes and fillings.  Then we did a dance to some music, we imagined that we were seeds in the earth, growing up towards the light.  It was such a beautiful day that we spent the rest of the day outside and made flying things.  Using a stick of willow off the tree in the garden shaped into a circle, with different coloured fabric strips tied on, and garden twine to attach a holding string.  The children ran around with them fluttering behind them.  When they had had enough we hung them to blow around in the breeze.  We had our first lunch of the year outside in the sunshine.

We finished our week with our monthly walk in a local wood, as a whole family.  The weather was really hot for the time of year and we were rather overdressed.  There were lots of spring flowers starting to appear and the sunlight in the woods made everything look like it was starting to spring into life after the darkness of winter.

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