05 March 2012

We have been mainly.........

creating this week,  most of it involving a mess!

I have made a new set of playsilks for the children this week, which involved the sewing machine sitting on the dining room table for a few days, fighting for space with the paper, coloured pencils, drawings and lego. The silks were the object of much joy as always.  Many dens have been made in various parts of the house and then filled with random objects.  If I can't find something usually go look in the den!  I had a small amount of material of each colour left after making them this time, I think I will make some streamers with them and see what play evolves from them.

At a friends house we made a fire outside and cooked toast and crumpets on it covered in butter and jam they tasted delicious.

We had a go at making sourdough bread.  The starter has been growing on the side for a week or so.  The dough was a bit sticky at first and got everywhere, my youngest thought it was great fun (I am still finding harden bits of dough in the oddest of places!).  Eventually we managed to knead it to something resembling a dough with less stick and some gluten.  It turned into a very palatable loaf and lasted a day!

The home ed group were making mini pizza's when we met this week.  We put spinach sauce (spinach, onion, garlic and nutmeg) cheese and olives on ours, they were very tasty.  I will make them again as a lunch as they were quick and easy, with homemade dough from the breadmaker.

Lego has been played with extensively this week.  My youngest loves the minifigures.  Setting them on a board with various objects either those that come with the figures or using bricks.  My oldest made and played with models some built from instructions, but most from his imagination, we have watched Cars 2 recently so has been making various models of things in the film using bricks and other pieces.

I bought the children some new colouring pencils at the end of the week.  They both love to draw and my eldest spends hours each week drawing complex pictures.  I felt the investment would be worth while.  It is wonderful to watch the pictures coming out the paper and watching them as they are concentrating hard on what they are doing, totally absorbed.

My eldest took a recent drawing to Beavers to show the colony for a badge he is working towards.  I thought that he would only want to talk about it to the leaders.  How wrong I was he showed it to all the other children and talked about what was in the picture.  I wish I had been there, he was really confident about it.  He would not have wanted to do that even six months ago he has blossomed with confidence recently, I am so glad he has been able to do this at his own pace.

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