18 March 2012


I have been suffering for the last year with Urticaria on my hands, my left hand is far worse than my right.  I have now identified most if not all the triggers for this and am having longer and longer periods symptom free.

Last night, however, I was cutting up some fish to make into fish cakes for my children and husband.  I have been vegetarian for years and have not eaten fish myself for years and may have never cut a fish up in my life!  As I was handling the fish my hands started to become itchy, like there were ants crawling all over them.  Halfway through my youngest wanted me to do something so I stopped and washed my hands.  I then went back to the fish and the itchiness started again but this time it was accompanied by a rising feeling in my body.  It felt to me, as I have experienced it before, like my body going into an overproduction of histamine.  Then my heart started to race.  I immediately went to the sink and washed my hands, within seconds the heart racing had stopped, but I felt really faint.  I must have looked awful because my oldest said to me 'Mummy are you ok?'  I had a short sit down until I felt more 'normal' and then returned to the fish with rubber gloves on (my husband was not in to help).

I cannot believe that fish would create such an extreme reaction as that.  It was really frightening and immensely powerful.  My body was fighting something very hard, I am just so glad that I am in tune with my body and therefore knew what it was telling me and what I needed to do to stop it.

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