05 August 2014


I love strawberries, do you?  They are my favourite summer fruit picked and eaten straight from the bush or in a bowl with a splash of cream, yum!  We have lots of wild strawberries growing in our garden they are the only type I have been able to grow successfully, from seeds kindly delivered by the birds, so any others have to be bought and we usually stock up each year at the local pick your own and make some jam, of course!

I haven't made anything for our seasonal table in ages, we started this at the beginning of last year when we were given a beautiful driftwood tree which I thought would make a great centrepiece.  Over the past eighteen months I have made a few pieces each season to slowly build a collection.  So when I saw these on a recent crafting link up I knew I had to add strawberries to my table.  I found a pattern and some red and green wool and went to cast on but then I remembered about some peg dolls I had bought and that I was going to make strawberry people with them when the summer came round, a much better project as I could include the children.

These were incredibly easy to make.  I used two sizes, 4cm and 6cm as that it what I had to hand, but you could use any.  We painted the body and part of the head, leaving a part unpainted for the face, with red acrylic paint.  We drew the eyes and mouth on with these, and cut a small piece of green felt for the calyx, which was glued on with a glue gun.  The achene (those are the green seed like looking pieces which are not seeds at all) were drawn on with the same pens as the eyes and mouth.  It was impossible to get the light green shading, perhaps if we had had some light green paint it might have worked?

There you have it, a family of strawberry peg people.......

You can see some other makes in this last picture including Mother Earth, watching over the little strawberries, and some flowers knitted up using patterns from this book.


  1. How lovely reminds me of the nature tables at school in my childhood - do schools still have such things I wonder. Your little Mother Earth is great too. Do I need to have children to have such a table I wonder? Why should a pensioner not also have such a seasonal display - mmnnn now where shall I start!

    1. Not sure if schools have such things, but I hope they do as my children love ours! I would say you don't need children to have such a table, never to late to start as they say.........

  2. They are so cute - love the driftwood tree too.

  3. I'm in love with your Mother Earth...when I was little, my aunt used to make us sock puppets and other delightful things! She made me something similar which I cherished till it fell apart! She's got way too commercially-savvy now and makes nothing half as engaging for her grandchildren- All they get are Barbies! I feel so nostalgic looking at your work. Fab idea with the strawberry peg family, I love berries, they're my favourite fruit...xx

  4. Oh these are so cute! Love your knitter poppy too :)

  5. Your strawberry peg people are so cute. The detail is great.
    Ali xx

  6. Another great strawberry lover here.
    Beautiful strawberry peg people - they remind me of my childhood!

  7. They're lovely, I really like the idea of a nature collection, it's something i used to do when I was little. I've got some of those tiny strawberries at the allotment, they really like to spread!

  8. I love the strawberry peg people!! We have wild strawberries too, they do much better than the larger eating varieties we also have!!

  9. The strawberry people are so cute! I have been terrible about keeping up with our nature table...maybe my kids would enjoy making some peg people like this.

  10. Very sweet! (And you can tell I'm on a serious catch up with your blog, no? ;) )


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