27 January 2014


...this week of...

...happiness singing group, a fun birthday party we went to, catching up with friends, an afternoon in a bookshop, the lovely comments I have received this week, swimming with my children

...sadness for a friend who is struggling at work

...creating two play capes, wooden tank, jigsaws, Lego games, a tidy house

...reading for myself Consolation by Anna Gavalda, Alice in Wonderland to the children and these picture books*, I have written a short review of them here, 19. Animals in their Homes by Sonia Goldie, 20. Big Kicks by Bob Kolar, 21. The Country Year by Paula Joyce, 22. Touch and Count Numbers by Mandy Ross, 23. Lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb, 24. My Very Happy Princess by Moira Butterfield

learning about the body, animal homes, shipwrecks, reptiles, numbers 12 and 13, addition, Vikings, cooperation, birds, hibernation

thinking about education and what it means to our family

hoping to do some baking this week, I haven't done any for ages

…looking forward to spending a few days visiting friends

*Joining in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge


  1. Thanks for sharing your moments. I hope you have a great week!

  2. Another busy week for you! I hope that you enjoy the time spent with your friends. xx

  3. I love the play capes! Lots of lovely books too, thank-you for linking up to #300PBs


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