16 September 2013


...this week of...

...happiness our first week at a singing group for my youngest she had a big smile on her face all the way through this is the first activity we have attended especially for her, spending a weekend talking, eating and drinking with some dear friends we have known for years.

...sadness that my husband has had to return to working for an employer this week there are many pros and cons to this decision.

...creating knitted slippers, homemade bread, nutella palmiers and autumn leaves for our seasonal table.

...reading The Artist's Way for Parents by Julia Cameron

...learning about multiplying numbers, numbers between 11 and 20, knots, air pressure, experimenting, sharks, earthquakes and plate tectonics.

...thinking about all those who do not have a roof over their head as the weather turns cooler, wetter and windier.

...wondering how I can fit in some time in the garden soon as it is looking very neglected.

...looking forward to seeing my family this weekend.


  1. Your posts always contain all of life, the good and the bed, I like that.

    Hope things work out re. your husbands employment x

  2. Change is hard and unsettling. I all goes well for your husband, and the rest of you too. I'm facing the same situation, and my thoughts are with you.


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