11 June 2013


I have managed to get started and finished with a few projects this week.  My twin nephews arrived at the end of May so I needed to get their cardigans finished.  I had to block them, buy and sew the buttons on which I have now done.  They have been parcelled up and will go in the post today.  I do hope they fit, I had assumed because they were twins they would be fairly small babies but they each weighed in at 7 lbs each!  My sister in law must have been really big at the end.  The patterns I used were both from ravelry, this one and this one.

I have also nearly made up two bags as presents for a friends children.  I have had it in mind to make these for a few months now but like so many things it has got left to the last minute!  I can get these made quite quickly now, it takes about twenty minutes per bag to cut out the pieces and press them and an hour to sew them up and press them to this stage.  They now need the handles sewing on which I do by hand as I find it is neater, I can sit and do this anywhere and will be taking them along to a home ed group this afternoon to do whilst chatting to the mamas and the children are off playing!  Like the cardigans I need to get these in the post, the children's birthdays are both this weekend, although they are not twins.

I have also finished knitting a hat for my husband but I couldn't find it to take a picture!  I will share it another time along with the 'pattern' as I made it up.

Joining in with Nicole for this weeks sharing on Keep Calm, Craft On.


  1. Lovely little cardigans, especially the one with the different coloured yoke.

  2. What fun! I'm working on baby sweaters right now too, I'm blocking them today in fact! My first nephew is coming this summer and it is such a fun excuse to knit. :)

  3. Those two cardigans are really nice. I especially like the cream one with that lovely blue detail around the collar. 7lbs does sound big for twins - well done to your sister in law! I bet she loves the gifts. x

  4. Oh, the cardigans are adorable! I love the idea of bedtime bags, but never got to implement it in our house.

  5. your baby cardis are so sweet. love the bags as well.

  6. Very sweet. Love them so much I have added one to my very long ravelry queue. ;-)


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