22 May 2013


I have had lots of projects on and off the needles since I last posted about knitting.  The hat I shared last time has reached the stage of decreases, as I am making the pattern up I need some time to work out the maths.  I don't have this available right now as I have my youngest's birthday and the imminent arrival of my twin nephews to knit for, both likely to be this month.

I have been knitting animals for my youngest and have now completed a pig, horse and sheep, and am currently working on a cat in some black, white and grey sock yarn I had left over from knitting socks.  I will share pictures once they are all finished off.  I have also made her a felted bowl, it was knitted up using the pattern in this book, once knitted the advise for felting was to place in a mesh lingerie bag, place in the washing machine with a pair of jeans and remove before the rinse cycle.  As I have no mesh lingerie bag, do people really use them?  And if was to open my machine before the rinse cycle I would flood the kitchen floor, I went for plan B.  Place in washing machine with rest of washing, run machine and cross fingers that all would be well, and it was, it is the small purple thing on the top left above.

I am also finishing off knitting a cardigan for my nephews, I started knitting this some time ago but had to stop as I didn't have the right size dpns to knit the sleeves.  I finally found some and am nearly done, a few more rows, loads of ends to weave in and then need to buy some buttons and sew them on.

I have read a wonderfully funny book this week, These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach.  It was made into a film, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which you may have seen, I have not so I have no idea if the film is true to the book.  I am now reading A Little History of the World by EH Gombrich. It was originally written in the 1930s and at the time translated into many languages but not English, it was finally translated recently with many additions by the author to bring the book up to date.  It is a delightful book, both entertaining and educational and I will give it to my eldest to read in the next few years as it was written as a children's book.


  1. Your are very busy! The little cardigan is gorgeous, I love the neckline.

  2. You do have lots of interesting projects on the go. Hope you get the knitting done in time for the twins arrival.
    I love making knitted animals, look forward to seeing yours.

  3. That's a lot of projects...but you are right, the imminent arrival of babies (nephews!) demands a finished project! My first grandbaby is due in four weeks, and the baby shower is this Saturday. As you can imagine, my fingers are working as fast as they can fly...

    Blessings, ~Lisa

  4. I don't have a mesh garment bag either - but I think I should probably get one to protect my hand knit socks a bit. I think for felting the idea is that it might keep the fuzz from gumming up your machine and getting all over the rest of your laundry. And I suspect the instructions were written with a top-loading machine in mind :)

    Looks cute though, so well done!

  5. I hear you on the mesh garment bag...don't have one and it seems silly to buy one for just occasional use. But I don't felt things very often.

    Your cardigan is too sweet.

  6. Everything looks wonderful. I really like the cardigan. The colors are so nice together.

  7. Lovely knitting. I enjoyed reading your organisation post, I wish I was that organised. Sorry to read about your dad in law, it must be very worrying for you all, will keep him in my prayers.


  8. I'm looking forward to seeing your knitted animals, they sound so sweet.


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