16 May 2013


My house is currently sporting that look that a house gets when you have been away, signs of unpacking mingled in with daily life, I have not been at home much since returning.  We are so lucky to have a neighbour who minds our garden for us when we are not at home, watering the polytunnel and opening it up when it gets warm in there.  Sadly we seemed to have miscommunicated about a cold frame we have in there which contains all our precious seedlings.  In an effort to protect them from the mice we have been placing the lid on at night and taking it off during the day.  It appears that it has been left on all the time and not watered so many of the very small seedlings have got scorched and died.

My journey as a gardener this year is one step forward and two steps back.  I am of course immensely grateful to my neighbour but perhaps I should have gone to speak to him rather than my husband!  All my efforts to get plants going early has now been stalled and I am no further forward than I have been in previous years.  I am going to resow in the next few days but had rather been hoping that I would be planting out now instead.

I had also been hoping to go away for a longer period in late July or early August but I may need to rethink my plans as I feel that if I am to produce any vegetables this year I need to be around to make sure they are all properly looked after.

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  1. Oh dear, first the mice and now scorched seedlings! You are having a hard time in the garden.
    We have planted almost everything now but are getting days and days of rain. I'm starting to worry that all our efforts are rotting slowly underground.
    Also wanted to let you know that I made your bean casserole recipe last night - delicious!! kids and hubby loved it too, and there was enough left for lunch today.


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