20 April 2013


We found a delightful book in our local library this week that I am sharing with you today.  Maudie and Bear by Jan Omerod is a collection of stories which perfectly captures the relationship between a child and their carer, in this case a large brown bear.  As in a child's world, Maudie's world revolves around Maudie and Bear's world revolves around Maudie.  In each story Bear treats Maudie with the utmost respect, patience and love which is unconditional, she is absolutely sure of his love.

The beautiful illustrations enhance the text and make this a truly wonderful book.  We have read this one a lot since bringing it home from the library.  I am really saddened to read that some reviews of this book describe Maudie as a spoiled brat they have missed the point of this book and what it takes to be a good parent entirely.


  1. We have lots of Jan Ormerod books too, have never seen this one though it will be another to add to our library request list!

  2. Love this book! Thanks for sharing at The Children's Bookshelf.


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