25 March 2013


This has been a tough week.  The beginning of the week was good we had our usual visit into the local town.  On Tuesday we hosted a visit from our friends again, we had proposed a meet up outside but it was just too cold to be outside for a whole afternoon.

Wednesday we spent the day at home as a family I baked two large cakes with the help of my youngest and we made bits for a picnic for the next day.  In the evening I went to help out with an Explorer Scout meeting which is what the cakes were for, the hall they met in was very very cold and unbeknownst to me was the start of the toughness.

I slept badly over night as my husband got up very early to catch a plane and did not really sleep properly after being woken.  I woke feeling not quite right but put it down to a lack of sleep rather than anything else and took the children out to a wildlife park for the day.  It was a very cold but enjoyable day out and they absolutely loved it but by the time we were done I felt dreadful.  I went to bed early feeling distinctly unwell.

Friday was spent mostly on the sofa whilst watching the snow outside.  My lovely husband had left us with a very small supply of wood (this is a job he usually does) inside so I found myself outside in a blizzard, with a fever, collecting wood!  My children were very patient with the fact that I needed to sleep, and as the day wore on it became increasingly clear that my youngest was also coming down with something too.  The snow and strong winds did not stop all day I don't think we would have met our friends as planned even if we had been well.

Over the weekend we stayed inside and slept, ate and bought in more wood as much as we could cope with bringing in.  The house is a pigsty but we are all warm and moderately happy, we had shaken off the worse just feeling drained and tired.


  1. being a Mom is a big job. Mom's are special, they do whatever has to be don, even if they are sick.

    really hoping you both feel better soon.

  2. Oh no, hope you are all much better now, I am dreading the thoughtof being ill while Ash is working away, not sure what we would do!
    x x


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