03 February 2013


It has been another busy week in these parts.  We started the week with our usual trip into the local town for our food shopping and a visit to the library.  I also bought some material from the sewing shop to make some trousers for my youngest.

On Tuesday we travelled south to our usual play date.  There were not so many children this week but fun was had none the less with Lego, battleships game, cushions on the floor and flags.

On Wednesday we had a train ride to a soft play area for a birthday treat for our Wednesday play date friends.  It was very noisy at the soft play as it was so busy, and it got really noisy when hail rained down on the metal roof the noise was deafening.

We were up and out early on Thursday to join a friend for a swim, after last weeks amazing achievements in the pool my eldest spent most of the time swimming underwater.  It is amazing how confident he has become.  We had our lunch on the poolside before heading to pick up some bits we had left last week to be repaired.  After we dropped our friends off we popped to buy a pair of shoes for the youngest as her feet have grown again.  It was a long day out and the children both fell asleep really early.

On Friday we joined a local home ed group that we have not met with for a while, it was good to catch up with folks again.  They were making jitterbugs a bit like this except that we used a CD for the body.  It was fun to sit and make them, although our legs kept falling off!  We decorated ours after we got home as we ran out of time.

Over the weekend we joined up with some friends for tea on Saturday.  We headed over in the afternoon so the children could have a play together.  We have not seen them for a while so it was good to catch up.  On Sunday I spent the day cooking and getting ready to go away.  We are off for a few days next week so it will be quiet on here for a few days.  If you leave a comment, thank you, it may be a while before it is published I am not ignoring you just having a short break from technology.  Hope you have a good week, will be back soon!

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