20 January 2013


We started our week, as usual, with a trip into the local town for food shopping and a visit to the library.  The afternoon was spend snuggled by the fire reading our library books, we were cold from our trip into town.

On Tuesday we woke to another cold day, we were due to visit friends for our usual play date.  I decided to have an early lunch of soup at home rather than taking lunch with us as we usually do.  We set off and about a mile down the road there was about two inches of snow, we have to drive over a high pass to get to our friends and the snow got deeper the higher we drove.  I hoped that there would be no snow as we dropped down the other side, there was less but still a couple of inches.  We were on a main road at that point which was clear but our friends live on a quiet lane some distance from the main road.  We did make it although it was icy in places and we had to stop to let a huge flock of sheep go past.  Most of the children were playing outside in the snow, but as we had not had any snow we did not bring any clothes suitable for joining in, my children did not seem to bothered as we were offered clothes to borrow.  They had a fun afternoon indoors playing with any of the children who got cold outside or who, like them, did not want to play in the snow.

Our usual Wednesday friends were away this week so we went swimming together and joined a friend for a play and biscuits afterwards.  My youngest and I made gingerbread men to share, it was a recipe that I had not used before from this lovely book.

The next day our friends from the south came to join us for lunch.  We had soup, I used some from the freezer and the remains of three others which were in the fridge!  It all got eaten.  After lunch the girls and mummies braved the cold and walked and scooted up to the park.  It was a bit cold for standing around, so we headed back after a short play for a hot drink.  My husband had got the fire going which was very welcome.

On Friday we had been hoping to go and join a home ed group for an activity, but it got cancelled on Thursday night as folks were pulling out due to the snow forecast.  I was sceptical about it reaching us, and sure enough it didn't!  So we had a morning at home building and playing with a wooden train track.  After lunch I walked up the village with my youngest the wind was biting but it was good to get out.  She has recently started to ask question after question and we stopped alot to look at and talks about things that she noticed, moss in the wall, ice crystals, lichen, numbers on houses, pub signs and I am sure there were more.

Over the weekend we had a quiet time at home, keeping busy.  We read books together, played with the railway track, drew pictures, read joke books and made each other laugh, played board games, went for short walks up the village, had friends over for dinner, kept warm by the fire and generally enjoyed each others company.

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