08 December 2012


I have been connecting with the blogging world for less than a year, this time last year I was not reading any.  Blogging is an interesting window into the lives of others, of those who live in the same country and who live thousands of miles away. I am sure it is true that you migrate to the blogs of those whose lives are similar to your own, this is certainly the case for me. This new window has meant that for the first time I am reading and looking at pictures of how others celebrate at this time of year.

I have posted about how I feel that I have lost my way with the traditions that I have held so dear in the past, but now I have found myself looking into a world that I am not only not part of but that I do not want to be part of.

I have not visited this blog as much this week and I have not been reading others as much either. I love the joy and happiness that this time of year can bring but I find that it can completely take over and leave no room for anything else.  I do not want to feel suffocated by Christmas and all that it means, I want to embrace it and enjoy it so I am on retreat to a place where I can.


  1. You sound slightly saddened? I hope that you have managed to find the space to re-connect to what's important for you.

    1. You're right I am. I am saddened by what Christmas has come to mean to so many people the over indulgence and the mass commercialism. I think that this is around all the time but living as I do I not see it that often, at Christmas it is more obvious and reminds me that that is how most people live most of the time.


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