11 November 2012


This week has been a bit quieter than some, we have been feeling under the weather so some quiet time at home was needed to bring us back to health.

We started the week with our usual trip in to the local town for shopping and a visit to the library.  It took me all morning to get organised to go so we were late heading out.  We had a lunch/tea meal in the  late afternoon before wrapping up with lots of layers to head out.  It was a freezing night, I had to defrost the car before driving, but we could not miss the annual bonfire and fireworks in the next village to observe Guy Fawkes Night.  The bonfire was enormous as it usually is but it was good to feel the heat on such a cold night.

On Tuedsay we headed to our friends for our regular play date.  There were just three families this week so play was quiet which was good.  It has got a bit fractious and noisy of late.  Wednesday saw friends come to us for a play and lunch the house was noisy and felt full of children.  At one point they all had capes made from playsilks and a musical instrument each and were marching round the dining room table.

The end of the week we spent quietly at home, I woke with a very sore throat and hardly any voice on Thursday.  We rested and read books together.  Friday Daddy returned to us after a week of working away, he was tired after a long journey so wanted to sleep, the children were hankering for his company  they were dissappointed he just wanted to go to bed.

Over the weekend I was feeling better so I spent some time in the garden planting and tidying, I also managed to make a start on a curtain for my youngest's bedroom.  I do not get the chance to sew very often so I am really slow when I do.  It took me all day to sew the material and linings together.  I must have unpicked as many stitches as I sewed.  I need to make some tab heading and sew the hem, I expect that will be another days work.  Not such a quiet week after all!

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  1. glad you are feeling better, sore throats are not fun especially when you are solo parenting! I bet the kids were happy this weekend!!


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