06 November 2012


My youngest has a wonderful pair of trousers that I found in a secondhand shop.  When I got them home I discovered that one of the knees was really worn and after wearing them a few times a small hole developed.  They are reversible but knowing my daughter she would want to wear them pattern side out so I needed to patch them.  I put this off for ages as I was unsure of how to patch them until it was obvious as the pattern is strawberries, make a strawberry as a patch.

I drew out a shape on paper for the fruit and the calyx or hull and then used them to cut out red and green fleece that I had in my material stash.  I sewed the two pieces together and then used green embroidery thread to sew the achene, which I have discovered is actually the fruit part of the plant the red flesh we eat is actually accessory tissue that is refered to as the receptacle.  I then sewed the patch to cover the hole.  Voilà a strawberry patch!

I may need to make one for the other leg as that is wearing thin too.  I hope the patch I have made is up to the job!

Joining in with Nicole for this weeks sharing of crafting.


  1. That is absolutely adorable! Looks like the pants should have come with the patch all along!

  2. The patch goes perfectly!!! I think it makes the pants even sweeter.

    1. Thank you both, I am pleased with the way it turned out.

  3. So cute! Couldn't have picked a better patch for the pattern.


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