14 October 2012


I haven't done a catch up of the week post for ages.  It has been neglected due to holidays.

So, this week started with my birthday.  We were at a friends house in the morning making our way back home from our hol's.  We stopped by for the night to pick up some stuff we left from the previous week.  We journeyed home and then had the delightful task of unpacking, never my favourite job.  Our house is not particularly big and is very easy to feel overwhelmed by all the stuff that comes in from the car.  It was a lovely sunny day which made it easier to get dry the wet things we had such as the tent.  My lovely husband cooked tea which was my own request for the day!

We ventured in to town on Tuesday for our weekly trip to the library and to do a much needed food shop.  We usually go on a Monday as it is quieter, it is not really that busy on a Tuesday compared to some places but I do like quiet.  The afternoon was spent putting stuff away and generally pottering around and enjoying being at home.  That evening whilst enjoying a quiet night by the fire a mouse ran across the floor in front of me, it didn't get far before a shouted and it ran off.  A closer examination of the house the next morning revealed that they had most likely taken up residence whilst we had been away.

So the next morning we spent cleaning and looking for evidence, they had visited every room in the house it seemed.  The pantry were we keep the food is shelves with wicker baskets, no door in sight keeping them out is a nightmare and they had been in.  We had to throw a fair amount of food out, actually we put it on the bird table.  I don't think the house has had such a thorough clean in ages.  My husband set about sealing various places that they could have got in and we set several humane traps. Later than usual, we set off to join our friends who who we usually meet on a Wednesday, after lunch.  It was good to catch up with them for a play and chat.

On Thursday we had friends join us for lunch.  They bought me some beautiful flowers as a birthday present.  The children played all afternoon, the adults sat and chatted to catch up.  It was good to see the little ones reconnect after a few weeks apart.

Friday saw us popping into a local town to pick up a few bits such as more mouse traps!  The rest of the day was remarkably productive which was unexpectedly fulfilling, not that I don't enjoy my days at home with the children!

The weekend continued with more productivity.  The weather was dry so we ventured into the garden for a much needed tidy up, there'll be more on the garden next week, weeding, pruning and dead heading.  We filled two green wheelie bins with stuff plus our own compost bin and womery are looking pretty full.  The garden looks much better but there is still more work to do.  I managed to get the sewing machine out to make a Christmas present, a bag for a friends son I will share pictures on that tomorrow.

Throughout the week my eldest has been continuing to expand his knowledge with all things World War II, he has drawn many pictures of battles at sea and on land, read books on rationing, the blitz, tanks and planes, watched programmes on HMS Hood and Bismarck and episodes of Wartime Farm, set up battles with coloured bricks to represent armies of each country moving them about as if on a battlefield and built tanks and planes out of Lego.  He has also been asking me and my husband if we ever met anyone who was alive during the war.  He is looking forward to talking to my parents when we visit in a few weeks time as although they were both born at the end of the war their parents all played an active role during the war.

Hope you have had a fruitful week too?


  1. Hope you have managed to catch all the critters!!

    It was lovely seeing you on Thursday and i'm glad you liked the flowers.

    Kudos to C on his enthusiasm and reasearch on everything WW2.

    San xx

  2. We are getting there, they certainly seem to have stop paying us visits but not convinced we have them all!

  3. Gosh, it sounds like you all had a very busy weekend!
    We had at least one mouse last year and it drove me crackers trying to get rid of it (and the fear of finding it in a trap at the same time!) but it seemed to go away under it's own steam in the end. I'm hoping that now we have the cat he will keep them away!

    1. A cat is becoming a much needed occupant of our house at the moment. Some of our cat owning friends have offered to lend us one, I think we may be taking them up on the offer!


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