29 August 2012


I am off, yet again, today to do an assessment for the d of e award.  I have a small group to assess on a gold expedition this is the highest level of the award.  They have to walk for four days, camping for three with a minimum of eight hours walking each day.  They are required to be self sufficient carrying all their food and equipment as they journey.  The only thing they can pick up or be given is water.  This group have opted to wild camp for two of the nights, they have never done this before and are looking forward to it.

So I am packing up once again to camp for two nights myself to be nearer where they are walking.  It will just be me and my youngest.  I am looking forward to visiting this area as I have not really explored it much yet.  The weather forecast is pretty dreadful so I may be wet for most of the time!  So I will be away for a few days will update on my return.

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