08 June 2012


Today it has rained, on and off, all day. I have felt no desire to be outside today, we have watched the rain from the window enjoying the warmth of the house. We have had a few days away this week and have been enjoying some time at home.

When you hear about the rain on a weather forecast it is so often accompanied with negative words such as unfortunately. This has always struck me as odd, what is unfortunate about rain. We need the rain to sustain life. There are swathes of the south of England currently in 'drought' conditions. How can rain be that bad?

I guess flooding is rain that is bad, if it involves buildings. It strikes me that building on a flood plain is not a wise thing to do. When it rains hard and for long periods the water needs somewhere to go. It joins the streams and rivers, if these become full the rain water will spill over into surrounding area where ever that is. If we try to control a river by whatever means surely this will create problems there or elsewhere. The water needs to go somewhere. If there are buildings on a flood plain, that is where they will go. I am mystified as to why, in this country we continue to build on areas close to or on flood plains.

My garden always looks beautiful in wet weather, everything blossoms and grows, it has fullness. In dry periods it looks withered and small. It also saves hours of endless watering to ensure that my veggies grow and produce.

If rain is forecast I might re-think plans if it is an activity that would be difficult in the rain. But most of time I don waterproofs and carry on. Some of my best days out have been wet and wild.  Do you enjoy the rain?


  1. Have found you!! Your post on rain has really got me thinking now, you know what the Norwegians say, "There is no such thing as bad weathe only unsuitable clothing!!"

    It was lovely to see you all today and Benedict's present when he opened it brought a HUGE smile to his face.

    Will ring about next week

    San x

    1. Welcome, I am glad the present was a success. See you soon!


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