27 June 2012


After a fairly long period of no knitting, I have been doing more of this recently. I had to have a break as my hands were too sore and often swollen due to Urticaria. They have calmed down a lot of late and I am so pleased to be able to knit again. I find it a calming activity to do for the small amount of time that I have in the evening between my children and me going to bed.

I have just finished making this 'cardigan' and am pleased with how it has turned out.

When I bought the wool it was during the hot spell of weather we had in May and I thought it would not get worn much until the autumn. But it has, since finishing it it I have worn it loads and it is really warm and cosy despite not closing at the front.  I had to adapt the pattern as it as devised by someone much taller than me.  I basically had to reduce the number of rows in the main body, it fits perfectly so I got the maths right, thank goodness.  You can find the pattern here it is free on Ravelry a great knitting site.

One of the wool shops in my nearest town is closing down soon and has been having a sale. I have bought wool for a few projects and started one last week. It was a cardigan from the Yorkshire Fable Rowan catalogue called Jane.  The wool I have just did not look right so I have frogged it and am hoping to make this instead.

In the meantime I have started knitting the hooded cardigan from the book easy kids knits by Claire Montgomerie. My mum bought me this book for Christmas a couple of years ago and it has some lovely patterns in it. I have already made the ribbed cardigan, hat with ear flaps and rainbow mittens. My youngest is very excited that I am making a cardigan for her, I hope she likes the finished cardigan!

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