30 April 2012

We have been mainly.........

missing daddy this week.  I have already posted about him returning into the fold, but during the week leading up to his return it was really hard for the children.

We started the week with our weekly trip in to the local town for food shopping and a visit to the library.  We arrived home with our new selection of books which is always exciting.

The next three days we had play dates.  The first at a friends house the other two days at ours.  At our friends we managed to stay outside for most of the day.  My oldest spent most of the time building and setting up a base on a shed roof, at one point he was up there with two other friends sitting in deck chairs looking through binoculars and chatting away!  On the days we had friends to play I could tell that not all was well.  My oldest didn't seem to want to play, preferring to be alone on the sofa with a book.  I was concerned that the week was too busy for him and I had not allowed enough time alone. On talking to him discovered that he was missing daddy and did not feel like playing much.  We were due to go out the next day, so I suggested that we wait and see how we felt in the morning as to whether we would or not.

We started the day at home playing with lego.  The time raced by, we all sat together on the floor amongst a sea of pieces and minifigures, creating models, playing with them and the minifigures.  Around lunch time my youngest announced that she wanted to go out somewhere.  My oldest looked at me, I said that the choice was his today and we would do whatever he wanted.  About an hour later he announced he did want to go, but only for a play.  We were joining a home ed group who were doing a workshop.  We packed a picnic and off we went.  We had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine sitting with our friends as they built their creations.  I didn't see my oldest for the whole time we were there.  He announced in the car on the way home that he had a great afternoon.

We had another day of sunshine the following day it has been along time since we had two days of sun!  We had a great day which you can read about here.  We all went to bed excited about the return of daddy/husband in the morning.

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