28 April 2012


Every now and again we have a great day when we have nothing planned.  At some point soon after they wake up, my children usually ask, what are we going to do today?  This morning I answered we have nothing planned.  On coming downstairs for breakfast I realised that we had a parcel to pick up from the post office.  The weather was not looking good at that point so did not make a plan in my head of when to pick it up, but we had to by 12pm or it would have to wait till Monday.

As the morning wore on the weather brightened and the sun actually came out.  I raided the fridge and the cupboards, put an impromptu picnic in a bag, got us all dressed and off we went.  Parcel picked up, we headed for the park.  It was still cool in the wind but we had great fun.  Playing on the park equipment, a game of tig and throwing and kicking a ball.  The children did not want to come home we were out for most of the afternoon.  I love days like this, where you have no plans but still have a great relaxing day. 

It is now coming to an end with a most beautiful sunset, I cannot remember when we last had one this year.  I do hope this warmer weather we have had for the last two days lasts a bit longer.


  1. So glad to have found your blog, it is very inspiring. It is good to read about another home edding family,living simply on a low income! I look forward to reading more x x

    1. Thank you Georgina, just had a look at your blog, I love your yurt it looks like a great space to live and learn!


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