19 March 2012

We have been mainly............

renewing friendships this week.  We meet up regularly with a family, for play dates and trips out.  We have not seen them much this year as they have been away for an extended trip.  It was so lovely to spend some time with them again this week.  The children got together and played as if there had been no time lapse.  It was great to see the time away had made no difference to their bonds.

We also got back in touch with a family we met about nine months ago at a home ed group.  They stopped coming which was hugely disappointing as the children were a similar age to mine.  I had tried in vain to get in touch but only had first names which made it difficult, and then I found them on a forum!  Hurray we are going to meet up this week.  They are coming to our house for the day.  We are all looking forward to it and hope that is the new beginning of a friendship for the children and adults alike.

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