15 March 2012


When I awoke last Sunday to a beautiful sunny morning, I felt the need to open the windows wide and let the air in for the first time this year.  The sun also revealed how dusty my house was and then I looked at the floors and looked away quickly.  Time to clean.

I set too.  Putting things away, moving things from one room to another, I seem to spend a large amount of time doing this!  It struck me as I was doing this that we have a lot of stuff.  It all has a home, and can therefore be tidied away, but it is stuff none the less.  What could I pass on?  Clothes got bagged up from my wardrobe and the children's baskets.  Books and toys went into a large box.  Oh the space I feel like I can breathe.

Suddenly the children have found toys that they have not played with in a while and are enjoying them, as I hoped they would.

It is that time of year, time to spring clean to declutter and simplify our lives.

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